Introducing: Chrissie Huntley – Me, Myself & I

Credit – Sally von Hofsten

Chrissie Huntley, a UK artist, specializes in making good tunes. Last week, she released her new single, Myself & I. Audiences will likely find this production intriguing. Steady guitar work and a soulful beat are some of its highlights.

Huntley sings well, her voice blends smoothly into the background music. Talking of the track, she offers: “I think everyone has gotten to know the feeling of long-distance love all too well this past year – be it a partner, a friend or family – we’ve all been in this universal state of longing to see the people we can’t live without. This song was both my outlet and my distraction from the ache of missing my loved ones.” 

Charlotte Jane or Emily Burns fan? You’re about to hear your next R&B/Pop anthem. Check out Me, Myself & I below!