Introducing: Marian Hill – omg

New York’s legendary alt-pop duo Marian Hill is on a roll. They’ve received support from magazines such as PAPER, Paste Magazine, and Revolt for their first single of 2021, oOo that’s my type. omg, shared last week, features some interesting electronic sounds and a soaring vocal performance. With a soulful chorus, Marian Hill invites listeners to sing along.

omg is the first song we’ve ever written that makes us laugh,” share the duo. “We discovered such a fun zany stir-crazy energy with it, and had so much fun taking the usual sexy Marian Hill vibe to its comedic extreme. As soon as we wrote the song we saw the whole video – the lyrics are basically a script for it.”

I consider this production to be phenomenal. There’s a great deal of soul in the sound. You can check out omg below!