Introducing: Briana Piedra – Daydream

Brionna Piedra is a Portland-based singer/songwriter whose euphoric voice has been electrifying the Pacific Northwest scene. Daydream, her debut EP, consists only of good songs with a unique sound that reflect R&B at its absolute best. The title track has a solid beat, crisp melody, and very soulful chorus, making it appealing to many people.

Briana comments on the track: ”This upbeat and dreamy fantasy is my explanation of where I go when I drift off. Lost inside this world, though I feel safe and secure, it’s a habit I realize I need to break because staying in this “safe place” isn’t a healthy way to overcome my difficulties and problems. Avoiding these underlying issues is something many of us face, and I want this song to provide positive light on the topic.”

I recommend checking out Daydream immediately. A modern classic that elevates the genre to new heights.