Introducing: Jess Chalker – Don’t fight it

Photo credit: Paul Cantlon

Don’t fight it (out now) serves as a feel-good teaser for Jess Chalker’s upcoming album, Hemispheres (5/11). In essence, it aims to empower the listener. Throughout the song, depression and hopefulness are prominent themes. Jess’s words illustrate her thoughts well.

The singer-songwriter says the following: ‘There’s a bittersweetness to Don’t fight it that I love… it feels both joyful and sad to me. It was written at a time when I was going through some personal stuff, trying really hard to please everyone, not really knowing where I fit and becoming someone I wasn’t. In the end I really surrendered to that feeling of being lost, because acknowledging that made me realise I needed to change where I was going.’

A number of instruments can be heard here, including synths and guitars. Combining this with striking vocals creates an incredible musical landscape. You’ll find fans of this alternative/electro-pop production all over the world.

Check out Don’t fight it below!