Introducing: amanda jerlov – like you do

amanda jerlov made an impactful debut with one not two last month. She continues to write music that appeals to a global audience. Today, I present, like you do, a funky and infectious disco pop anthem. Although the song is in line with the current 80’s trend, it has a much more melodic feel, which makes it really different. My appreciation goes to the live instrumentation. There are influences from Dua Lipa in the sound as well as other icons such as Diana Ross and George Michael. Amanda sings excellently; you’ll recognize her voice practically instantly.

The tune is about a person who loves themself a little too much for their own good. You know, who puts all their problems on other people, so they won’t have to deal with it. We deserve more than someone who can talk only about themself for a whole night straight – and that’s what like you do is about.

For amanda, a breakthrough isn’t too far off. She’s a rising Swedish star ready to top the charts. like you do qualifies as the ultimate summer jam. Check out the audio below!