Introducing: Beks – Devoted

Photo credit: Tom Wilkinson

Independent Australian singer/songwriter Rebecca Callander, professionally known as Beks, lives between Sydney and Brisbane. She has been enjoying great success with her previous single, The Thing About Us. Channel 7 and Home and Away, for example, have picked it up.

By releasing her new tune, Devoted, Beks causes an earthquake on the dancefloor. Is it possible to listen to this without moving? The music has such a catchy energy. Beks sings magnificently, emphasizing words in their fullest sense.

As Beks explains: “Devoted is about power recall; reclaiming the power you’ve placed on someone who’s exploited that power and giving it back to yourself. It’s about idolising your own individuality and uniqueness, transforming pain into power.”

Beks once again proves her ability to be groundbreaking in the genres she makes music in. Check out Devoted below!