Introducing: Jaz Paterson – Lonely

Singer-songwriter Jaz Paterson’s timeless alternative pop beats and strong vocals form music that’s refreshingly original and immediately captivating. Her song, Lonely, captures a mysterious ambiance, stepping beyond expectations. The sound is intricate, but manages to remain accessible for a wider audience.

When it comes to the track, Jaz says: ”Lonely is about the loneliness of being a musician. It’s about driving to a gig where I don’t know anyone, showing up, dressing up, singing to strangers, packing down, heading home by myself while my friends are out so I can take care of my voice for tomorrow’s gig – over and over and over. It’s about being thankful for the amazing people and experiences I get to have as a musician – while simultaneously feeling lonely and not wanting to admit that to myself.”

Jaz’s stories are personal, and she shares them with poetic flair. Lonely makes you take the time to listen to every line attentively. Check out the audio below!