Introducing: Lara – Drifting (feat. Lia Rose)

Lara, born in Berlin, Germany, and based in Melbourne, Australia, is a 20-year-old keys player, singer, songwriter & producer. She collaborated with Lia Rose on the single Drifting. An expansive instrumental introduction acclimates you to the song and its ethereal sound. Electronic elements constantly move, creating momentum. There’s a perfect balance between the vocals.

Here’s what Lara has to say about the track: ”Drifting was written after moving between countries (the US and Australia) and contending with feeling adrift from people I once spent every day with. Drifting was written during lockdown and speaks to the people that come and go from your life. It captures the feeling of change and impermanence, whilst feeling stagnant at the same time.”

I always enjoy hearing when artists take their music in new directions. Drifting emphasizes originality. Check out the audio below!