Introducing: Estella Dawn – Pretty

Estella Dawn is an acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer who lives in the United States. Her work as a musician includes writing and recording vocals and piano, as well as co-producing everything to do with her music.

Pretty impresses with its unique arrangement. While it’s sometimes a little classical, it still maintains a pop energy. The chorus, for example, follows a more upbeat rhythm. During the last segment, Estella sings some unbelievable high notes. In this performance, she set a high standard.

Regarding the track, Estella comments: ”This song has nothing to do with aesthetics, being attractive, is in my opinion the least interesting thing about a person BUT feeling confident, comfortable and empowered in your body is important, to me that is true beauty. It would be nice to feel great about yourself every day but life can, at times, have a tendency to make you feel small and inadequate. It’s especially easy now with the addition of social media, comparing your body and life to the bodies and lives of “perfect” people online can be soul crushing. It can leave you feeling like all that you are isn’t enough. That’s when you need someone to lift you up. You need kind words when you’re unable to speak them to yourself, you need reassurance when you’re feeling discouraged. You need a reminder that you’re a bad ass and that you should never shrink to make others comfortable, because you’re not “too much” you’re just enough.”

Estella keeps her sound fresh by renewing her style on a continuing basis. Check out Pretty below!