Introducing: J0VANNA – TwentyOne

JOVANNA is a singer-songwriter from Pembroke Pines, mainly focusing on Pop and RnB. TwentyOne, her second release, debuted yesterday. With the catchy instrumental, the strong vocals are set against a striking and retro backdrop. It may remind you of The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears. Despite this, the sound manages to retain its own identity.

J0VANNA’s words on the track: ”I wrote TwentyOne a few days after my birthday. I felt the need to express my feelings on paper and compose them into a song. Into an anti-aging anthem—OF COURSE! I don’t particularly like birthdays — my 21st was no different! Birthdays are supposed to be happy celebrations, but for me, they are usually not. It is a stark reminder that the people who I love are aging. I am terrified of losing them. At the end of the song, you can hear me laugh. That’s me accepting that getting older is just part of life and I’m grateful for it..”

TwentyOne helps make things clearer. Whenever you hear this production, you can’t resist playing it twice (or more). It’s just absolutely astounding, really. Check out the audio below!