Introducing: Stacey Kelleher – You Never Know With Me

After experimenting with several genres over the years, Stacey Kelleher has found the sound that defines her. She draws inspiration from indie music when writing. Making It Here and lonely christmas, two previous singles, both carry such an incredible depth.

On Stacey’s recent release, You Never Know With Me, you can hear soothing guitar playing and a driving rhythm. When compared to the artist’s other solo tracks, it’s a bit more up-tempo. It starts off slowly but ends up being quite energetic.

Stacey explains the meaning behind You Never Know With Me: ”The song is all about being true to yourself no matter what”.

With memorable hooks reminiscent of LANY and Maggie Rogers, emotional lyrics similar to Phoebe Bridgers, and quirky production like Holly Humberstone’s, Stacey excels. Check out You Never Know With Me below!