Introducing: Jess Young – Fathers

Jess Young is a London-based singer/songwriter/producer poised to make a big impact. She draws inspiration for her music from her own vulnerabilities and experiences in love. Fathers evokes nostalgia and emotion with its lyrics. There’s a soothing, soulful instrumental accompaniment. Sound-wise, it reminds me a bit of Jorja Smith. Jessica adds energy by singing.

Fathers explores Jess’ estranged relationship with her dad and experiences with masculinity. “The language barriers and generations between us means I was never fully able to have a deep conversation with my dad, so this letter to him is my outlet,“ explains Jess. “The song is me realising how my relationship with my father has influenced my adulthood, particularly romantic situations. I want to speak for those who haven’t had that experience of having a male figure present in their lives.”

Check out Fathers below!