Introducing: Ella McCready – Free

Ella McCready hails from London. Since she can remember, she has been singing and writing music. There are 80s synth sounds in Free that create an energizing effect. You’ll get up and dance as soon as the chorus starts. After the song ends, press repeat, since it’s so amazing.

Almost all of us have been hurt by love at some point; in her own words, Ella has had a ‘challenging time in the world of romance’ over the past couple of years. Instead of pushing love away, this song emphasizes the importance of being open to it when it comes your way.

‘I’ve written plenty of songs about the downsides of relationships gone wrong’, says McCready, ‘but I wanted to write something about how brilliant love can be and how, despite the potential heartbreak, love can also ‘set you free’’.

Ella takes the sound of the previous century and modernizes it like no one else can. Now that you know about this song, make sure it’s on your radar. Check out the audio below!