Introducing: Lauren Frihauf & Payge Turner – If the World Was Ending

Lauren Frihauf is a Colorado-based singer-songwriter. While she began singing at a young age, it wasn’t until she joined the School of Rock that she found her voice as an artist.

Singer-songwriter Payge Turner hails from Seattle. To experience her work is to put a quarter in the jukebox, see the record fall on the turntable, watch the needle hit and step back at the expressive, preening power. She’s the next wave, whether she performs solo or backed by a band.

Lauren Frihauf and Payge Turner give their Season 19 Battle from the Voice (which garnered 1.6 million views on YouTube) a fresh R&B feel. This re-imagining of Turner If the World Was Ending is so compelling. It accentuates Lauren and Payge’s incredible voices. Particularly the last section, when the instrumental sounds almost cinematic, impresses.

Speaking about the track, the artists say: ”We hope our version of this beautiful song brings you peace and healing during these strange times.”

I hope Lauren and Payge will collaborate more in the future. Check out Turner If the World Was Ending below!