Introducing: Love, DEAN – Put A Record On

Rachael and Luke Price, who are musicians and singer-songwriters in addition to being husband and wife, bring back the feel-good vibes of classic Americana. The music that Love, DEAN has made for their self-titled debut is a fusion of vintage soul, Motown, old-time music, gospel, folk, and neo-soul.

Even though it may sound retro, Put A Record On still has a modern appeal. I appreciate the creative arrangement. Soothing background vocals, for example, provide an additional layer of charm. There are constant changes in dynamics during the last part. The production never ceases to be interesting.

“This album is a love letter from us to anyone who listens. We’re hoping the listener feels let into our lives; that they can see value in music; value in people; and that they feel inspired to grow in their own lives and relationships. We leave space for grief, hardship and honesty but our target is encouragement and positivity in the midst of struggles,” Rachael says.

Check out Put A Record On below!