Introducing: Wild Story – It’s Happening

Wild Story is a duo originating from Los Angeles, California. With Viv Parker’s cinematic production and Katie Hargrove’s adventurous, dynamic, and vulnerable vocals, this band creates an energizing sound.

It’s Happening follows a pop/rock style, emphasizing solid instrumentation. The chorus ties everything together, making you feel completely immersed. Katie’s performance makes the music’s essence more apparent.

Wild Story comments on the track: “It’s Happening was the first song that we ever wrote together for our band. It all came together in about two hours and it honestly provided the foundation that “Wild Story” was built upon. It was right in the midst of COVID and we were just imagining the feeling post-pandemic of being on top of the world and reinventing yourself. This song is special to us for so many reasons, but it really embodies the way we want people to feel when they listen to our music: fearless, empowered and unstoppable.”

Check out It’s Happening below!