Introducing: Lost Blonde – Dreamin’ About You

Lost Blonde is a singer-songwriter who has been singing since words could leave her mouth. She writes songs that are more than just notes on a page; her most powerful songs are those that stem from the hardest parts of her life. She hopes that expressing her vulnerability through her music will inspire others to do the same.

Dreamin’ About You comes with a very lively pop sound. Its blend of delicate guitar lines and cool beats make this production a fascinating one. Blonde’s performance is balanced, as she focuses on delivering the lyrics clearly.

Dreamin About You is about an older couple reminiscing on young love; the sparks you feel when you first fell for each other, and how you can’t stop daydreaming about them even as the years pass. We all yearn for a love that lasts, one where we can grow old with another person and look back on our sweet beginnings.

Check out Dreamin’ About You below!