Introducing: Abigail Bleu – Feels So Right With U

Abigail Bleu is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who debuts her new single, Feels So Right With U. This R&B/Pop influenced production has an overall mellow vibe. With the addition of catchy melodies, cool beats, and signature vocals, there’s no doubt that this will be popular among fans.

Abigail, when talking about the song, said: ”Pink Sweat$ and I wrote this song together, and there’s a story behind this song. Pink asked me, “What do you like to do with your boyfriend?” And I said, “I like to just BE with him.” Pink said, “Say less!” and we got to creating. This song is a love story about how it feels to be in love when it’s just so right. It’s a ride or type of love!”

Abigail proves once again to be one of the most talented up-and-coming artists in today’s music scene. Check out Feels So Right With U below!