Introducing: Taura Lamb – No Comparison

Taura Lamb began her journey as an artist with the release of her debut EP, Lucky Girls, in 2020. She has now put out, No Comparison, a chill R&B song with slick guitar riffs and soulful arrangements. The style may be familiar, but there’s enough newness to keep things interesting. With Taura’s rich tone, the quality of her singing is exceptional.

Taura’s words about the track are as follows: “Nicky and I wrote this one within a few hours the first time we ever met, and it very quickly became one of my favourite tracks from the collection. We decided to keep the production super simple to let the vocals and guitar breath, and came to the conclusion the more raw it felt, the better. The original vocals were recorded in Nicky’s bedroom but the birds in his garden were going absolutely mad. I ended up re-recording them in the studio to avoid any issues with the blended frequencies but it started to sound a little too pristine, so I ended up putting the bird calls back in to add some more atmosphere and bring the rawness back in. The lyrics are all about your instinctive emotions and natural intuition, so having a bit of mother nature in there only felt appropriate.”

No Comparison is an excellent song for celebrating the start of September. It will definitely draw new fans. Check out the audio below!