Introducing: Joyia – What She Deserves

Photo Credit: Eric Richards / WIL Studios

Joyia is a multi-talented Toronto, Canada singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ who leads the creative vision for all her records. She writes with an honesty and vulnerability that resonates with many people. Through her music, the songstress shares her personal stories.

Joyia’s singing sounds stunning when paired with the acoustic instruments on What She Deserves. There’s enough variation in order to maintain an engaging atmosphere. The lyrics of this song emphasize female empowerment, which gives it an inspirational quality.

Joyia’s words on the track are as follows: “As I’ve grown, I’ve become aware of my own self worth and I’ve realized all that I have to offer both as an individual, and as a woman. This song is basically letting someone know that sure, I may want you right now. But I already love myself enough to know that I don’t need you if you can’t level with me. Women deserve more than that. I think people forget none of us would be here if it wasn’t for a woman – this song is just a quick reminder.”

Check out What She Deserves below!