Introducing: Sara Jean Kelley – Our Story/The End

In addition to her role as an explorer, a naturalist, a rescuer, and an active member of the creative community, Sara Jean Kelley is also a singer-songwriter. She shares, Our Story/The End, an original Folk/Americana tune. Effort has been put into delivering lyrics with strong emotions in order to convey the essential message.

Sara comments on the track: ”Grief and healing is open ended. I started to realize that the stages of grief aren’t stages at all, they’re pockets that you float in and out of. Maybe one day you’re in acceptance and the next you’re furious and the next you’re depressed. There is no formula. This was written in a place of nostalgia and longing. There was no doubt in my mind that I was on the right path and that I was making the right decisions, but that did not exempt me from feeling all the feelings. We were entering month 2 of the pandemic and everything seemed so out of my control. Just a couple months before I was gearing up to have the greatest year of my life— buying a house, playing shows, touring, dating, making new and reconnecting with old friends— but instead I was stuck in stillness, forced to reflect and go inward. The only solace I found was in knowing that the rest of the world was stuck there with me.”

Sara’s performance provides a great contrast to the instrumental backing. I really think it creates an impressive atmosphere. Check out Our Story/The End below!