Introducing: Emi Jeen – Dark Lonely Summer

Montreal-based alt-pop artist Emi Jeen is known for her emotionally raw and powerful vocals on her evocative songs. Dark Lonely Summer, out now, features an exceptional production that will leave you speechless. The more serene verses are followed by highly melodic choruses. When we look at the lyrics, we see some real writing talent.

Regarding the song, Emi says: “Derek and I got into a writing session and felt like we didn’t want to spend another summer as we had far from people we loved.” She adds: “I arrived at the studio and had one word in mind: “canyon”. We were about to start another wave of the pandemic and I felt so far from human connections. I felt like we were digging a huge canyon and wouldn’t be able to connect physically with each other anymore. I just wanted to get out of this mindset saying “And I won’t chase another Dark Lonely Summer…” In terms of the instrumentation, I said to Derek… it would be cool to do a 4 on the floor beat but alternative. To feel a sense of movement, to feel that it was a phase and that we will get out of this deepness. He nailed that one right away.”

Check out Dark Lonely Summer below!