Introducing: Emilia Anastazja – Take a Look

Emilia Anastazja is a London-based classically trained musician and guitarist. She debuts her new single, Take a Look. There are also some interesting electronic sounds woven into this song along with its R&B influences. Especially memorable are the guitar riffs. With soulful vocals that have a jazzy undertone, the lyrics of this song really come to life.

Commenting on the release of Take a Look, Emilia said: “It was the middle of last year when I finished writing the song. I felt bad about all the stuff that was going on at the time and just wrote what came into my mind. In the end it’s somehow from a naive and childish perspective on just being lost and trying to find a way back to something meaningful and real.”

Emilia offers an alternative vision on what the sound of the future might sound like. I think we can all agree on that. Check out the audio below!