Introducing: Mea – Sad Girl Vibes

Let’s be real: life isn’t always a party. Sometimes, things get hectic and we just need a break. That’s completely normal and totally okay! In fact, we should embrace the down days. They make us stronger and remind us that we’re human. And what better way to get through tough times than with the support of your closest friends? When you’re feeling down, reach out to them. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll listen to you, and they’ll help you see the silver lining. It may not seem like it now, but those down days will eventually pass.

Mea’s debut single Sad Girl Vibes is about being open and honest with the people that you feel safe with. It’s also about feeling connected to others through shared experiences, even if those experiences are tough. Mea hopes that everyone can find a group of friends that they can talk with. The song is meant to be sung loud and proudly as a symbol of friendship.

Often, all it takes is a friend to lend an ear and help us get through tough times. It can be hard to open up about our personal struggles, but doing so can make us feel better. Whenever we keep our feelings bottled up, they tend to fester and grow. But when we share them with someone we trust, we release that weight and can start to move on. So don’t be afraid to share your feelings with someone close – it’s not a bad idea at all.