Introducing: JAY II – Paradise Circus (Massive Attack Cover)

Massive Attack is a British trip hop duo who became popular in the 1990s. Jay II (Jay the Second) chose to cover their song Paradise Circus. The dark, unconventional vibes of the original felt similar to their own musical taste, so they put their own spin on it with contemporary sound choices, including a bassy synth line and modern drum grooves.

Paradise Circus talks about being in love with someone who isn’t interested in you. They only want to take advantage of you for their own selfish motives. Sounds pretty mean, huh? You put all your faith into this relationship, hoping that it will eventually blossom into something more, but it never does. The song is a powerful reminder that not everyone who says they love you actually cares about you. It’s an important lesson to learn, and one that can be hard to hear. But it’s a lesson worth learning nonetheless.

Although the song’s lyrics are heartbreaking, they also speak to the hope and resilience of the human spirit. No matter how badly we might be hurt, we’re all capable of recovering from heartbreak and finding love again. Making the right choices and reading people’s minds is all it takes.