Introducing: OREN – Hold U

Too often, we find ourselves in relationships that are bad for us. We know they’re bad for us, but we can’t seem to let go. We stay in them because we’re afraid of being alone, or we’re scared of what people will think if we break up. We convince ourselves that things will get better, but they never do. The truth is, you’re not in love with this person. You’re in love with the idea of being loved by this person. You’re desperate to be seen as special in someone else’s eyes, and you’ll do anything to make that happen. But it’s not worth it. You deserve better than this.

The lyrics of OREN’s new single Hold U are raw and honest, encapsulating what it’s like to be in an unhealthy relationship. His voice is layered over the beat in a way that makes it sound like an extension of the music, rather than a separate thing. This creates a hypnotic effect that hooks you in and keeps you listening for the entire 2 minutes and 48 seconds.