Introducing: Borka Balogh – Light

Borka Balogh is an indie band from Utrecht named after its Hungarian-born, dark and dreamy frontwoman. Their songs are loaded with symbolism challenging us to confront our inner demons and breaking societal taboos surrounding mental health. With hauntingly dramatic textures and lyrical vulnerability combined with an indie pop aesthetic, the group’s music has a lot to offer.

In Light, the arrangement accentuates the narrative so effectively. Here, the vocals play a major role, bringing the lyrics into focus. It provides an opportunity for listeners to fully connect with the subject matter. By doing so, the band establishes an ambiance that’s engaging.

Besides this, there are two more new songs. Together, they form the EP, Femina Bellator. Borka Balogh says about it: “The three songs present on the record discuss struggles of three different kinds that women — female warriors — go through. The songs: Years of Breakdown, Light, and ALOM, talk about the recurrent behaviour patterns that generations of women with trauma adopt and carry in their lives. As a whole, the EP does not only function as a bouquet of struggles, but it also breaks these patterns by taking the perspective of a new-generation female warrior with the ability to recognize her past, reflect on her present, and change her future.”

Check out Light below!