Introducing: Andrea Franz – Future Friends

Andrea Franz is a Mexican American artist from Southern California. Future Friends, her newest single, has a retro vibe to it, but is infused with modern production techniques, giving its sound a fresh twist. Instrumentals are dynamic and evoke a great deal of energy, that’s for sure. Strong vocals are perfectly placed over the music. Listeners should be able to relate to the lyrics.

Andrea has the following to say about the song: ”I wrote this song when I was starting this project. I originally wanted this to be a band, not a solo project, but I couldn’t find someone to work with. I felt lonely, but I had to start writing my songs and recording demos to feel better, and I actually liked what was coming out. One day I was running to problems recording in my room, and I really wanted someone’s help so I wrote Future Friends. This song is my call to the universe, asking to help me find my future friends, my special group of creative people that want to work together, accomplish goals, and celebrate together!”

Andrea is a prominent performer in the Post-Punk and Pop Rock scenes. Not only does she create cool arrangements, but she also talks about relevant and intriguing topics. Check out Future Friends below!