Introducing: Bebe Barry – Allie

This is Allie, a new single from UK singer-songwriter Bebe Barry. Acoustic textures are merged with ethereal ones on this composition. A rich, crystal-clear vocal soars lightly above the sound. The lyrics are excellent, telling us something about Bebe’s writing capabilities. She provides a great deal of detail, and the impact of her words cannot be overlooked.

Bebe says about the track: ”This song is inspired by my favourite book Catcher In The Rye. When I was a teenager, I loved it because of the main character, Holden’s, rebellious nature and quick wit. I came back to the book as an adult and had developed PTSD by this time. I suddenly realised that all of his actions stemmed from the trauma of losing his little brother Allie, which he doesn’t talk about very much in the book (probably why I missed it the first time!) I suddenly found I related to the book in an entirely new way and picked up my guitar and wrote this song.”

There’s a fascinating backstory behind this music. I’m sure listeners will be captivated by what Bebe has to say. Allie will definitely reach your soul. Check out the audio below!