Introducing: Maggie Glassman – basic

Maggie Glassman reveals her highly anticipated first single, basic. An infectious pop instrumental backs the singer-songwriter’s powerful vocals. She can hit some notes that other artists aren’t able to reach. I’d say basic has the attitude of a anthem. Hearing the lyrics will lift people’s spirits. Maggie succeeds in providing a steady stream of inspiring lines. This song is for those who are proud to be basic. Life will be a celebration when you follow Maggie’s mantra.

Glassman comments the following: ”I wrote this song about embracing exactly who you are… specifically for those of us who happen to enjoy things that others might deem “basic” – like pumpkin spice lattes, leggings as pants, rosé all day, taking pics in front of aesthetic backgrounds, watching reality tv, etc…even if people make fun of you for taking instagram pics or doing tiktok dances, you shouldn’t be ashamed!!! We’re just living life and having fun!”

Personally, I believe Maggie made an exceptional debut. With music that speaks directly to people, she’s well on her way to achieving her goals. Check out basic below!