Introducing: Courtney Cole – light

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Singer-songwriters like Courtney Cole show a thoughtful and poetic perspective on life through their music. In Light, she captures the sound of the moment, but a little differently. Unique to this production, for example, are the melodies that offer something new and interesting. Courtney’s soaring voice has such a captivating tone.

Cole says the following: ”Light is one of those songs that feels like it didn’t come from me. I was meditating on the beach one day and all of the sudden, the lyrics dropped into my spirit and I just wrote them down. To be honest, I didn’t even edit them. I just wrote them down in a way that felt like a stream of consciousness type of writing style. I immediately went home, sat a my piano, turned on my voice recorder, and sang the first melody that came out, and it was Light!”

The creative ideas that Courtney has are simply extraordinary. What you hear here is the result of an organic process. If you haven’t checked out Light yet, then you should definitely do so!