Introducing: Ashley Strongarm – Little Bones

Ashley Strongarm grew up in North Carolina, but now lives in Brooklyn. Her new single, Little Bones, pleasantly surprises with its musical style. The contrast between the different sounds is effective in making listeners want to hear the entire song. As you can see from the lyrics, Ashely has a lot of writing talent. You’ll be amazed by the depth of her vocals, and by her emotional delivery.

Ashley comments: ”I wrote Little Bones after the end of an unhealthy relationship. My partner had been sneaking around behind my back, and the lies finally came to light. I was upset at his dishonesty, but more importantly, I was upset with myself for turning a blind eye and playing the fool for so long. I wanted to write a song that explained how I felt when the clues started adding up and I began trusting my intuition.”

The song will resonate with people who have gone through similar experiences. Ashley’s message will empower them. Check out Little Bones below!