Introducing: Taylor Roche – Sucker for a Lonely Heart

Taylor Roche, an up-and-coming Australian artist, has put a new spin on the classic 80s sound and makes it cool again. Recently, he unveiled his 6th single, Sucker for a Lonely Heart. The lively production is led by synths and drums. Expressive vocals provide emphasis to the lyrics. I think the verses are fantastic, especially when considering their structure. The chorus sounds great as well, with its catchy melody.

Sucker for a Lonely Heart’s lyrics present an interesting subject matter. It explores the crushing realization that someone you’re deeply attached to has moved on, leaving you in a floating space of romanticising something that’s no longer there, lost in an endless game of chase.

The music Taylor releases carries vision. It’s next-level stuff. Perfect for these cold rainy days. Listening to it made me feel like I was in another place.

Check out Sucker for a Lonely Heart below!