Introducing: morgen – Sweet 16

Santa Cruz native morgen can be compared to artists such as Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan. Sweet 16, her newest single, showcases oozing confidence, stunning vocals, and innovative production. You’ll hear haunting synths, atmospherics, and a steady beat as you listen. It’s the brutally honest lyrics and flippant humor that make these verses so captivating. In the chorus, a little more energy is added to keep the momentum going.

Sweet 16 describes the somber feelings of turning 16 at the start of the pandemic. Despite the world’s promises, things weren’t turning out to be as glamorous as expected. What else is a teen to do? Change it up. Parties? Who needs ’em? But convincing yourself is harder than it seems. Sweet 16‘s core message will make you feel validated like never before.

Check out the audio below!