Introducing: Alanna Matty – Loved You First

Songwriting allows Alanna Matty to explore her more hidden emotions, resulting in music that tells the story of someone who struggles with trust, spends far too much time looking back, and has had difficult relationships with those around her. Loved You First differs from anything you have ever heard before. With its laid-back acoustic guitar and hazy layering of piano, synth and violin, this song is truly magical. Strong singing brings your mind to a mystical place.

Alanna explains: “Loved You First is a song about blaming yourself for the hurt that you’re feeling at the end of a relationship. Watching someone you cared about leave you in the dust and realizing that maybe if you hadn’t fallen so hard and so fast, that you wouldn’t be so hurt at the end of the day. It’s that feeling of pining for someone for so long, only to have it all end so fast. It’s opening the front door to find yourself face to face with heartbreak, and then watch them drive away from you seemingly unaffected.”

While the lyrics are poetic, they can also be related to. Alanna expresses herself very clearly. Loved You First is a song of great significance. Check out the audio below!