Twenty-year-old artist WYN WOLF looks set for success. In her debut single, BOYS ON MAGAZINES, she attempts to capture a dreamy atmosphere. Spacey melodies, catchy guitar riffs, and calm rhythms define the sound. WYN paints the landscape with her graceful vocals, evoking melancholy through her heartfelt delivery.

About the track, WYN says: “There are times as teenage girls where we just feel absolutely inferior. We act strong, and stand our ground, but inside deeply believe the messaging being thrown at us: That male approval makes us better, morally superior, sexier, cooler girls. I chose this as my first single because it’s where I want to start. I want to start by banishing this idea that permeates our culture in so many harmful ways.”

WYN selected an incredibly relevant topic to write about, one that listeners can connect with. It will be highly praised. Check out BOYS ON MAGAZINES below!