Introducing: Apricot Ink – Usually

Apricot Ink, comprised of Gus, Sara, and Willo, shares their soul-rich R&B tune, Usually. Harmonious grooves and infectious melodies serve as the perfect complement to the signature vocals. An intriguing story is told through the lyrics, one which keeps your interest the entire time.

Usually is about re-building my trust in men and masculine energy. A couple of things had happened to me, that made me distrust men. Then I met one of one Willo’s friends at our show, who was so gently confident within himself. I was attracted to his version of masculinity instantly. I started to regain and rebuild trust in men again because of him. I hope people listen to this song and use it as an opportunity to be open to anything and open to healing.”

Listeners can rely on Apricot Ink for heartfelt music that speaks to them.. The group really displays their inspirational capabilities with a song like this. Check out the audio below!