Introducing: Fleur bleu.e – sun (music video)

Delphine and Vladimir are the two French artists behind Fleur bleu.e. Their latest single, sun, has recently been discussed on our blog. Today, we’d like to share its official music video with you.

Clémentine Chapron directed the visual for the track in Super 8. The fragmented images on the film, printed by the sun, reveal the joyful melancholy of the song, which explores themes of depression and the search for a soul mate embodied by the sun. From the interior of a strange and dark room to the emancipating outdoors, the sun is always nearby, as seen on Delphine’s face or in Vladimir’s guitar notes.

Fleur bleu.e ensures that everything they do reflects an artistic flare. I think this particular clip is full of philosophical undertones. It really serves to highlight the lyrics. The message can only be perceived as powerful when you see the visual.