Introducing: Felicia Lu – Dear Karma

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a pop song that heavily relies on songwriting. So when Felicia Lu released her new single, Dear Karma, today, we were pleasantly surprised. It’s unique and personal, and it features Felicia’s stellar vocals along with strong production. We appreciate how the song manages to be so straightforward, yet so impacting and powerful at the same time. The best part is, there’s not a single word or note that feels unnecessary.

The lyrics are poetic and paint a compelling picture. They tell the story of being wronged in the past and taking revenge. Felicia’s songwriting not only appeals to pop enthusiasts, but also to those who need to hear something refreshing every now and then.

Every lyric just makes sense – which might not be something we say often when describing music. We all know how important instrumental can be as well; once again, this song has nailed it with its striking soundscape throughout. You should definitely stream Dear Karma below!