Introducing: Hollis – Tripwires

If you’re not listening to Hollis, you’re missing out. Her new single, Tripwires, is an ethereal masterpiece destined for inspiration. The lyrics transport you to another place, and the instrumentals are so entrancing that you can’t help but be swept away. Tripwires got some nice atmospheric moments that facilitate the transition into the more pop-oriented parts. This song is the perfect embodiment of Hollis’s sound, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.

In Tripwires, Hollis explores how to free herself from the cycle of negative loops after getting stuck. Combining contrasting colors with cyclical motion connotes this cycle and gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to be “just chilling and thinking about the inside of your mind and what it would look like if your head was interior-decorated!

Check out Tripwires below!