Introducing: Goldmyth – On Melancholy Hill

The first time I heard Goldmyth’s rendition of On Melancholy Hill, I was hooked. The groovy riffs and delicate, soothing vocals were a breath of fresh air. With this song Goldmyth has achieved the optimal balance of musicality and lyricism. Goldmyth’s influences are apparent in her creative output, but they do not overshadow her own unique style – you can tell that her voice has a natural affinity for music by how effortlessly it wraps around each note. The sound on On Melancholy Hill is calm yet effective, letting Goldmyth’s performance be the star of the show.

When speaking about the track, Goldmyth says: ”I never actually heard this song as a kid when it was released. But when I heard it for the first time on the way to play a show with my band, I felt like wow, this is a song I’ve been looking for for a long time. It feels like I have a kinship with this song, so I had to cover it.”

The instrumentals are amazing; nothing overpowers anything else or overwhelms you into not being able to hear what Goldmyth is singing. Whether you’re looking for something very melodious or just something to mellow out to, this song definitely fits the bill. Check out On Melancholy Hill below!