Introducing: willolux – chalice

As artists create music, their feelings and emotions go into the writing process. The same can be said for willolux. Her latest release chalice promises to be a success, with an unforgettable chorus that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening. The lyrics are moving and atmospheric, depicting what it’s like to come out of post-partum depression. But it’s not all doom and gloom—the song also has a message of hope. chalice isn’t just a piece of music, this is artistic expression in its purest sense.

When speaking about the track, willolux says: ”My baby was born with a rare syndrome. It was unavoidable and completely caught us off guard. As a first-time mother, I fell into deep post-partum depression as a result. This song was written when I started coming out of that fog. It’s an ode to motherhood but also about the fears and worries that arise with it.”

wiloux’s vocals are presented in a swirling, powerful manner, causing you to lose yourself in the music. The emotional intensity of chalice is what makes it so special. It moves at its own pace and takes us on a personal journey.