Introducing: HAIZEN – Reasons

Reasons is the latest single from HAIZEN and it’s a stunner. With the way the melodies and vocals compliment each other, you could just listen to the song on repeat for hours without getting tired of it at all. The best thing about Reasons has got to be its lyrics, though – they’re so masterfully crafted and engaging. There are so many songs out there that sound great but have no deeper meaning behind them – if only more acts were as creative as HAIZEN!

Reasons depicts a modern woman’s struggle to reconcile a broken relationship. It refers to the difficulties of being with someone who does not acknowledge their own responsibility for creating conflict. After leaving the relationship, she accepts that she cannot unravel the web of fiction another person has created.

The idea behind this song makes it even more powerful. With Reasons, HAIZEN is infusing fresh energy in the music world by embodying pure expression through their writing – so don’t miss out on any part of their artistic vision!