Introducing: Moncrieff – Warm

The strength of this song is how it’s been built from the ground up. The lyrics, instrumentation, and vocals all go hand in hand to make a piece that doesn’t feel straightforward. In an industry where the standard seems to be moving more towards hip-hop and generic pop tracks right now, it’s especially nice to hear something lively and fresh like this. I think we’ve all had those moments where we wish we could forget about our problems; Warm has the power to do just that.

Speaking of the single Moncrieff says: “Nobody’s perfect. This song is about being that person, and that rare moment in life when you find that person that truly sees you for you, your imperfections, flaws and scars as well as your good traits and loves you for them. It’s a really comforting and happy feeling to just know that all you have to do is be yourself.”

The production on this record is slick and polished, with a strong flow that will have you listening again and again. I love the use of rhythm instruments in this song, which give it a more modern feel than if Moncrieff had used piano alone. With its own unique sound and story to tell, Warm is sure to be on your playlist before you know it.