Introducing: Dana Gavanski – Indigo Highway

Indigo Highway centers on Dana Gavanski’s childhood and is autobiographical. It’s about somebody that she used to be very close with, but no longer communicates with. The song is light and airy, with lyrics that hint at nostalgia. Truly a great tribute to the simpler days of youth!

Dana tried many times to write about this specific relationship, but was unable to do so. It felt too fragile, too fraught with experience and distant in many ways. However, after not speaking with her for a long time, Dana was finally able to write the song as a way to temporarily return to innocence and silliness.

If you are a fan of Dana , then you automatically know that the singer-songwriter is always exploring various musical directions. The sound and vocals of Indigo Highway are calming without losing any intensity or emotion, resulting in a song that puts Dana on par with the best artists in the industry.