Introducing: KellyMarie – Timing Right

It’s often said – write about what you know and love. So during the lockdown, KellyMarie did just this. She wrote Timing Right when inspiration struck. Beyond the angelic vocals and breezy melodies fans have already fallen in love with, they can expect to encounter a new side of KellyMarie’s artistry that offers a deeper look at the singer we met in 2018.

In Timing Right, KellyMarie tells the story of a relationship that just didn’t work out. Perhaps it has to do with bad timing. The lyrics of this song can be comprehended by anyone. Whether it’s because your friends are getting married while you’re waiting for the right person, or because everyone else seems to have found success while you’re still struggling with that first job out of college, there are plenty of moments in life where it seems the timing wasn’t right.