Introducing: Madeline – Y.T.D. (Year to Date)

Y.T.D. (Year to Date) finds Madeline reflecting on a friendship she lost in the past year as she celebrates her birthday. The lyrics highlight how everything around us can change so suddenly. You might have been with totally different people last year than you’re now. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Change can also bring new perspectives.

Madeline was inspired to write the song after thinking about how one of her friends stopped talking to her a while back. She says, “It’s interesting how it’s usually on your birthday that you start to think about how your relationships have changed, and the song dives into that idea.”

Madeline continues in a unique genre-bending style that’s unpredictable yet familiar enough for mainstream appeal. There just isn’t anything to complain about when it comes to Y.T.D. (Year to Date), since it proves to be an awe-inspiring track from begin to end!