Introducing: Helena Day – Drunk on Silence

When you meet someone new, there’s a sense of anticipation that comes with it. Everything seems possible, and you can’t help but let go in the moment. For a brief period, you suspend your judgment and allow yourself to be pulled into the potential of the relationship. This is an incredibly interesting time, as you explore all the different facets of the person in front of you.

Helena Day’s new single Drunk on Silence speaks of the euphoria of getting to know a potential soulmate. It was born from an eclectic mix of musical roots. Woven through romantic moments of poetic lyricism and colored with soul, folk and warming jazz accents, the songwriting process was heavily influenced by Helena’s growth in confidence as an individual. This newfound sense of self allowed her to start properly considering how she relates to others and express herself in this world. In Helena own words, “writing Drunk on Silence was my way to articulate all of that.”