Introducing: NOA – Gone

NOA’s Gone is about that feeling when you know it’s over, when you’ve accepted that the relationship is done and there’s no turning back. In a world where breakups are all too common, this song provides listeners with an escape – a chance to reflect on their own relationships and work through the emotions associated with them. We hope it helps give you the strength to start rebuilding your life.

Whether you were the one who wanted to break up or you were left, the feelings are usually the same. You’re hurt, you’re upset, and you’re sad. Most of the time, it feels like things will never get better. But they will. The key is to take it one day at a time and to focus on yourself. Don’t dwell on the past—it’s pointless. Instead, think about what you want for your future and how you can make that happen. Don’t forget to do things that make you happy, either. Take a walk in the park, see a movie or just spend time with your friends. It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to cry, but don’t let those negative feelings take control of your life. Let go of what’s gone and look ahead to what’s still to come.