Introducing: Lydia Persaud – Words For Her

The lyrics of Lydia Persaud’s song, Words For Her, are so poetic and heartfelt. They truly capture the vulnerability of falling in love. Anyone who listens to the song will be able to feel the same emotions that Lydia felt when she wrote it. The rising singer-songwriter invites listeners to examine their own hearts and explore the depths of their own love stories.

Everyone has personal moments that mark their love story. These cherished memories belong to them, regardless of how small or insignificant they are. Maybe it’s the first time you cooked dinner for your partner, or the time you stayed up all night talking. It could be the time you gave them a gift, or the time they gave you one. These moments are unique to your relationship and are worth celebrating. They may not seem noteworthy at the time, but in years to come, you’ll look back on them fondly and be grateful for how they’ve helped shape your love story.